Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kimetha's My Personal Mission Statement

I am the person that believes if there is something you want in life, nothing can hold you back from accomplishing it. In my life there were many things that I wanted to accomplish and by the Grace of God I have accomplished most of them. Raising my children was my biggest accomplishment, being a young single mother it was very hard to stay focus and faithful to what I believed in, because I felt God had given me a bad deal. But I knew prayer was the key to all my answers.

Having to deal with a tragic accident in my family, gave me a greater responsibility in raising my two nieces. Raising them to be knowledgeable and focus on the better things in life, as young ladies now they have a positive outlook on life.

I believe that all the hard work I have done in my life has given me the ambition to further my education and seek my degree. I have obtain my Associate Degree in Business and now I am working toward my Bachelor Degree. In order for me to succeed I must continue to work hard, I have to study for long hours to accomplish this additional goal I set for myself.

With the faith I have in God and realizing he is the head of my life , my journey will be made clear and I can walk easy.

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