Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Identity Online

Trying to network for personal business interest can be rewarding but also hurtful to your reputation. Many people use the internet for personal activities such as, communicating with friends and family on informal basis. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace are considered as fun ways to stay updated with your friend’s activities. Yet you should limit your personal life on such site, if it may possibly be something that will ruin your business reputation. This does not mean you should stop interacting informally with friends. Yet you should stay away from nude and embarrassing photos or post lingo that would cause people to view you negatively. You should always check the privacy settings on social network site so your personal information can stay secured. Make sure you keep your personal interaction separate from your business affairs. Your business appearance should be far more important than your personal interest.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The workplace is ever changing in our society. Many years ago technology in the work place was very basic and formed to fit the knowledge of the employees of its time. In today society technology is changing rapidly. The world seems to rapidly change with technology, such as text messages, instant messaging, WI-FI, DVD, E-mail etc. All of these have an effect on the workplace. Years ago several of these new age ways of communicating was not necessary in the workplace as it is today. Many employees are now forced to re-enter the classrooms to survive in the workplace where there is complex technology everywhere and trying to keep up with the younger generation of workers who are efficient in latest high tech ways of communicating and executing the job. Some managers in companies try to set up programs and training meetings to educate the employees on the changes in the workplace and inform them on ways to prepare to for new age communication. Furthermore, it is key to inform yourself with the ever changing technology in the workplace.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kimetha's My Personal Mission Statement

I am the person that believes if there is something you want in life, nothing can hold you back from accomplishing it. In my life there were many things that I wanted to accomplish and by the Grace of God I have accomplished most of them. Raising my children was my biggest accomplishment, being a young single mother it was very hard to stay focus and faithful to what I believed in, because I felt God had given me a bad deal. But I knew prayer was the key to all my answers.

Having to deal with a tragic accident in my family, gave me a greater responsibility in raising my two nieces. Raising them to be knowledgeable and focus on the better things in life, as young ladies now they have a positive outlook on life.

I believe that all the hard work I have done in my life has given me the ambition to further my education and seek my degree. I have obtain my Associate Degree in Business and now I am working toward my Bachelor Degree. In order for me to succeed I must continue to work hard, I have to study for long hours to accomplish this additional goal I set for myself.

With the faith I have in God and realizing he is the head of my life , my journey will be made clear and I can walk easy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Career Inventories
Career Assessment tools and test
I think the career assessment tool and test are useful in helping people to indentify career or jobs that meet their skills set and place them in positions that will allow the successful based on their interest and skill level.
Types of Career Assessment Inventories (aka Tests)
I think career assessment inventories are great tools for matching individual with careers of their interest align, their values and those required for different jobs.
Personality Tests
I think employment test are useful because they help match a person with a job that they are suited for and it is also useful to employers in their selection of individual to a specific job type.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Aspiring Business Owner

Kimetha is an Administrative Assistant at Davenport University. A native of Flint, Michigan she has lived in the city all her life. In April she received her Associates Degree in Business Administration, and currently working to complete requirements for her Bachelors' Degree in Business Management. Kimetha's educational goal is to receive a Master's Degree. In addition to working and going to school Kimetha is the Musician for her church. She enjoys singing. socializing with her family and traveling. Kimetha has held several Management positions in the retail market, she is also a property owner and landlord of several properties in Flint, she aspires to someday own and operate her own business.