Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The workplace is ever changing in our society. Many years ago technology in the work place was very basic and formed to fit the knowledge of the employees of its time. In today society technology is changing rapidly. The world seems to rapidly change with technology, such as text messages, instant messaging, WI-FI, DVD, E-mail etc. All of these have an effect on the workplace. Years ago several of these new age ways of communicating was not necessary in the workplace as it is today. Many employees are now forced to re-enter the classrooms to survive in the workplace where there is complex technology everywhere and trying to keep up with the younger generation of workers who are efficient in latest high tech ways of communicating and executing the job. Some managers in companies try to set up programs and training meetings to educate the employees on the changes in the workplace and inform them on ways to prepare to for new age communication. Furthermore, it is key to inform yourself with the ever changing technology in the workplace.

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