Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Social networking can be fun but can hurt you at the same time and cause harm in some cases. When people are socially networking they forget that it is open to the public. Some of the things that people put on MySpace, Face book, and Twitter could cause them to lose their job and create problems in the long run. If a person runs for public office or seek certain jobs information from social networking may be reason for them not being elected or hired. These and other sites are for communication purposes not to put your personal business in the street or things that you don’t want others to see. I have seen things on these sites that would embarrass most people. I often wonder when people are putting different things on MySpace, Face book and other sites are they thinking about who will see their page. There are people in the world today that are looking for people who are easy prey, such as young girls and boys to whom they may cause harm to. Many stories has been seen where children has been abducted because they have befriended someone on a social network. People tend to use the sites to get access to your personal information which could lead to identity theft and other types of things that can cause problems for them.

Professional networking can be very helpful. Visual CV and other sites can help people get jobs. You can post resumes, your professional career information, achievements, and certificates of accomplishments that can help employers know who they are interviewing. Professional network has many opportunities if you are looking for a professional job or looking to meet other professional that are on the same altitude that you are, check out http://www.visualcv.com.

Always Remeber To Be:

Use your real name
Last but not lease do follow-ups

Remeber Never To:

Share personal information
Use a bogus name
Use foul language
Use porn

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